Assistir The Kings Avatar (Avatar Do Rei 2019) Online Grátis - My Doramas
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Assistir The King's Avatar Online HD
  • Lançamento: 2019
  • Áudio: LEG
  • Duração: 45min.
  • Fansub: Subarashiis
  • Trailer
Ye Xiu, one of the best players (and Greatest Champion) in the online game called Glory, was expelled by his team / club for several reasons. After leaving the club, he was taken by Chen Guo, owner of Xingxin Internet Cafe, and became a night shift network manager. Ye Xiu, who had ten years of gaming experience, did not intend to give up his beloved “Glory”. Then Ye Xiu restarted his “Jun Mo Xiao” ID account, held up an unfinished weapon by the name of a thousand machine umbrella, and returned to the game on Glóry’s recently opened 10th server to fulfill his plan to return to the top.Fairyland Lovers Jun Mo Xiao showed extraordinary talent on the 10th server and Ye Xiu met many new friends during the opening process of the 10th server,
The Kings Avatarr (King’s Avatar 2019)