Assistir Leverage Online Grátis - My Doramas
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  • Lançamento: 2019
  • Áudio: LEG
  • Duração: 55min
  • Fansub: Kingdom Fansub
  • Trailer
Leverage Lee Tae Joon is a talented insurance investigator who has been in the business for years and has unmasked the most elaborate scams and the smartest criminals. Basically, when he enters the parade the scammer has no turn. Thanks to all this experience and his non-standard intelligence, he has accumulated over the years a number of considered scenarios and blows that could turn him into a formidable scammer and quickly curl him, but being the right and fair man he is never I wanted to talk to the criminal world. Leverage Everything changes when your child Seon Kyu desperately needs a drug that is still in development. That’s when Tae Joon comes in contact with So Ma, A Sino-Korean doctor who says he had his research stolen by a large company asks him to steal it back in exchange for ampoules of the medicine he needs to save his son. To accomplish the mission, Tae Joon meets Hwang Su Kyung, the scammer, Jung Eui Sung, the hacker, Ko Na Byul, the thief, and Roy Ryu, a security expert to help you mission.