Koo Za Rot Zab

Koo Za Rot Zab

Koo Za Rot Zab The Rosirin family owns the largest Isani company for the production of fermented fish. When she returns from abroad after graduation, she discovers that her family's business is failing and on the verge of bankruptcy. To overcome the crisis, Ros decides to take the company and start borrowing money from his father's friend to return his generosity, he asked Rosirin to marry his unsuccessful son Korn and a playboy, our smart and polite heroine and absolutely Not interested in a cluttered face. On the other hand, she doesn't like it either. Always in a constant fight, but Korn's sister is very fond of Ros, she will do anything to get them together. After overcoming many difficulties and misunderstandings, the two fell in love.

Koo Za Rot Zab

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