Hua Jai Sila

Hua Jai Sila

Hua Jai ​​Sila Tor is a son of a lover with a rich man of society. After his mother dies of neglect, Tor is forced to live with his father's family. Abused by his stepmother and stepbrother, he meets his neighbor, Mingta, who also suffers neglect at the hands of her mother and sister. One night, being chased by his stepmother, Tor jumps into a river and everyone thinks he is dead, but he survives. He is taken by a girl who knew his mother and takes on a new life under the pseudonym of Sulla. Years later, he returns as a wealthy nightclub owner with plans to take revenge for his mother and take revenge for the torture and pain brought to him by his stepmother and stepbrother. Sila's main goal is to hurt the people who hurt him as a child, but he never expected to see his only friend he had as a child, Mingta de movo. As soon as they see each other, she realizes that he looks familiar to her. She notices a ring he wears around his neck and immediately comes to the conclusion that he is Tor, his childhood friend, who allegedly died. But he denies this because of his revenge plan.

Hua Jai ​​Sila

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