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Devil Beside You
  • Lançamento: 2005
  • Áudio: LEG
  • Duração: 45min.
  • Fansub: Mahal Dramas Fansub
  • Trailer
Devil Beside You Qi Yue has been in love with Yuan Yi for a long time but has no courage to declare herself. Encouraged by her friends, she decides to write a love letter outlining her feelings and handing it over to Yuan Yi. However, the boy walked right past Qi Yue and she drops the letter. Jiang Meng, known to Ahmon by his classmates, finds the letter and begins to blackmail Qi Yue if he will not reveal the contents of the letter to the entire school. Meanwhile, Qi Yue’s mother falls in love with Ahmon’s father and the two decide to get married. As a result, Ahmon and Qi Yue have become “brothers” who initially hate each other, but over time the feelings between them change. Who will accept a relationship between the two? What will happen to this relationship when other people step in?

Devil Beside You