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Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency
  • Lançamento: 2019
  • Áudio: LEG
  • Duração: 1h09min.
  • Fansub: Kingdom Fansub
  • Trailer
Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency Lee Soo is the Crown Prince of Joseon who was left under the command of the Royal Guard Commander by the late King in an attempt to protect him from those who coveted the throne. Raised as a commoner blacksmith, he sees his life turn upside down when he is literally torn from his marriage to Gae Ddong and crowned King. Nothing willing to give up his love for Gae Ddong, and knowing that, as his new status, marrying With her almost impossible, Soo hires Joseon’s finest matchmaking team to turn his beloved into a noble woman and convince the country that she is perfect for the role of queen. His agency is made up of the three most handsome guys in the realm: Ma Hoon, Do Joon and Ko Young Soo, known as Joseon’s “Flores” and who, According to anyone in the kingdom, you can find the perfect match for anyone. Soo’s plan seemed rather perfGraceful Friendsect, until Ma Hoon began to see Gae Ddong as more than just a coworker.

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency